Project Collaboration

The idea of Simpris is that all projects are essentially collaborations between groups of people: project teams. Project collaboration

The project manager sets the structure of the project by creating the project itself, and defining its tasklists. The tasks are then created by the team as a whole, and soon the project comprises many tasks. Next the project team members then work on the tasks, and they update the status of the tasks as they work on them. The project manager can then see the developing status of the project, and order any adjustments necessary to ensure that the project overall achieves its schedules and costs.

In today’s world project teams may be spread across several geographical areas and even different time zones. It is not always possible for such distributed teams to collaborate using telephones and other communications. With Simpris every member of the project team updates their tasks, thus communication is enabled. Simpris allows your staff to assist you in managing your projects, work and schedules. Through Simpris you can see your strategy develop.

The Simpris comment system enables your staff to add their opinions concerning the tasks in hand and build a dialogue. This kind of collaborative thinking encourages self expression and empowerment, and helps in the general motivation and happiness of your staff. Simpris can make work more fun.

Simpris also sends emails to keep staff notified about key developmnts, and we are planning integration with enterprise communication systems such as #Slash.

With Simpris team collaboration and teamwork becomes a part of your organisation’s DNA!