Project Metrics

Simpris project metrics comprises a variety of charts and graphs to help you to visualise the progress of your projects and work.


In any form of management, metrics are important to momitor performance, progress, quality, timescales and compliance with contractual arrangements. In project management the programme or project managers must be able to see progress at all points during the project lifecycle.

Simpris offers the following powerful metrics:

Overdue projects report

This report shows all uncompleted projects which are over their completion date

Overdue tasks by project report

Show all overdue tasks for a selected project

Problems per project report

Shows the number of problems per project

Billed revenue per client report

The amount of revenue billed per client calculated through the hours booked to tasks by project team members. Each team member has a charge rate, set up by the project managers, which is automatically used.

My overdue projects report

Overdue projects on which the particular user is working – a personalised report.

My overdue tasks report

Overdue tasks on which the particular user is working – a personalised report.

My completed tasks report

Tasks which the particular user has completed – a personalised report.

My overdue tasks by project report

Overdue tasks assigned to the particular user for a particular project.

These are just a few of the available metrics to assist project managers in making their decisions.