Project Security

Project Security is paramount on the internet today, and here at Simpris we have gone to great lengths to keep you secure.

Secure basis


Our technical base is a super-secure operating system, carefully sealed to only allow a very narrow range of authorised connections. Add to that secure database technology and software, and Simpris has you covered.

Secure software


Our engineers have assured that from the very start security is a major feature of our development process. Using best practices and rigorous testing we have created a safe system for you. It is only possible to connect to Simpris via SSL SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption technology. This level of encryption protects your Simpros sessions from intruders.

Safe keeping


Simpris users can rest assured that their data in a super secure data centre in the Eastern United states of America. The data is regularly backed up so in case of an outage it can easily be restored.

Good data practice


No matter how good companys’ security and infrastructure may be, the media regularly reports data breaches caused by poor employee practices at large and small organisations including government. Here at Simpris we adhere to strict data practices whereby no data ever leaves our premises, and ANY access to data is severley restricted. No data is ever passed to ‘Third Parties’ and there are no data sharing agreements in place with any such parties.

Simpris is governed by the strict data security laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, which are some of the strictest in the world.

By design Simpris only retains the minimum data required about organisations and users. For users there is no need to enter an address or personal telephone number. For organisations there is again no need to enter an address. We take the view that the less data we collect from our customers the less they have to worry.